Monday, April 12, 2010

more wafflized polenta

I try to eat locally and seasonally, I really do... but the thing is I love avocados. I mean I LOVE them. (Yes, I would like to marry them.) And there is no avocado season in maryland. But I eat them anyway. There used to be a restaurant over by Hopkins called the Carlyle Club that my office would order lunch from all time. It was kind of our own version of the soup nazi-- only they were the bread nazis. We would all get salads, in part because of the amazing herby, garlickly flatbread that came with them. We would often ask for extra bread. Apparently this angered the Carlyle Club proprietors because they started withholding said bread-- which led to several throwdowns between J, the office lunch organizer, and the restaurant staff. Not only did they stop giving us our usual bread, but they refused to let us pay extra for more bread. It wasn't pretty. J did always manage to get us our bread after a long fight somehow though. Anyway the reason for this long rambling story is that I always used to get the avocado salad from the Carlyle Club. It was basically a whole cut up avocado, some onions and I think corn in a vaguely middle eastern-ish vinaigrette. (It was a Lebanese restaurant) So for my second polenta waffle I made an homage to that salad with avocado, red onion, chives and my usual vinaigrette. It was perfect. And I didn't have to fight for my bread. The waffle-polenta was even better I think.

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