Sunday, April 11, 2010


Yum. I am getting hungry just looking at this again. It all began when I stumbled upon the wafflizer blog-- I have always made weird waffles (carrot, pumpkin, chicken/waffles etc.) but I had never thought to wafflize other things before. Also I like saying wafflize. So I saw this recipe for waffle polenta and thought it was pretty brilliant. Once polenta (or grits) go in the fridge they get a sort of rubbery texture that is never quite the same again. So I happened to have some rubbery polenta in my fridge whilst reading about waffled polenta and knew that I needed to try it out immediately. It worked beautifully- they got all crispy and caramelized and waffle shaped (of course...) and most importantly, tasty again. I found that it was best to grease the waffle iron liberally and let it do it's thing until it was well browned. Opening the waffle maker prematurely didn't work out so well. I topped mine with some sauteed swiss chard, a fried egg, cheese and bacon from the co-op. It was so good that I literally started eating it while I was still taking pictures. Highly recommend the wafflizing of non- waffle things.

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chamomilla said...

Hello, I love your blog and I am adding it to my blogroll... Greetings from the Czech Republic!