Monday, April 5, 2010

easter eggs

I still dye easter eggs. Yes I am in my 30's. No I don't have kids. I just like it ok? I never get around to it until easter day and my mom and brother join in as well. Although I think they probably just do it because I make them. I have been wanting to do natural dyes for some time and the first picture is the result. I think they look awesome, but mom and bro were not excited about them. They require way more time in the dye than paas and they weren't having it. I brought some food pens to distract them in the meantime and I made a cat egg. I love it. Yes it's weird. But it's cute! It has drawings of all four of my cats. Yes four. I have four cats and no kids. Call me a cat lady. The other thing I love about easter eggs is egg salad. God I love egg salad. And it's somehow even better with the weird blue and green stained bits from the easter eggs. I have taken to making mine with mostly greek yogurt and just a tiny bit of mayo-- not really for health reasons just because I like it better. It's not as heavy. I also always add finely minced red onion and chives. I put this one on my egg bread to round out my easter theme.

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