Wednesday, February 10, 2010

ice princess lounge

Second giant blizzard in less than a week- the mid-atlantic is just not prepared for this quantity of snow. Neither am I... shoveling is no fun. Therefore whilst shoveling what appeared to at least 5 feet of snow off my deck for fear that it would collapse, I decided that I needed to make it more entertaining for myself. I noticed that I was already making what looked like seats-- and I was still thinking about that awesome ice bar from the snow picnic post-- so I decided to start deliberately carving out seats and made a little lounge. Then I of course needed a coffee table, which I decorated with some of the giant icicles hanging from the window. And it worked! I was way less cranky about all the shoveling and now I can have an ice princess cocktail party. I think some sugar on snow is in order.

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