Friday, June 27, 2014


Baby coconut and blueberry (cooked) mousse 

So I'm trying to post from my phone which I've never done before and may or may not work (but seems likely to increase my typo count...) And since I'm about ten years behind the trend I'm blogging about Instagram! Yeah guys its this new thing try it out! Yeah so better late than never although I still don't entirely understand it or proper hash tag protocol. The thing I've mostly been instagramming oddly enough is baby food. This somehow seems way more hysterical than grown up food to me but I'm not doing it to be a hipster (pretty sure I missed the boat on that one...) but because it helps me keep track of combinations and stuff he likes. I make all my baby's food which I'm always hesitant to admit in groups of other mommies because I'm afraid to sound judgmental, but yeah I do. I like to cook, actually find it easier than packing up the baby and traipsing to the store all the time and I like to be able to control ingredients, quality and seasoning. I freeze everything into 1 oz cubes and then combine them in various successful and not so successful ways. Daddy likes to call them nutrient cubes which has kind of stuck. I feel strongly about using spices which I started doing around 7 months ish (treating them like anything else new and waiting three days to see if there was a reaction after each one) So I started doing this as a record for myself but since I like browsing other people's recipes and combinations I thought is let everyone know that I've tagged everything with #babyfoodstuffs if you want to check it out. (Also I'm not being cute about my Instagram confusion-- I'm not entirely sure if you can see them or need to follow me or what, but I'll find a teenager to explain this to me at some point) Also please feel free to tag your own creations I'd love to see them!

Homemade ricotta with raw blueberry purée and cinnamon 

Homemade brown rice (ground in a coffee grinder and cooked w/ water for ten minutes) black beans, sweet potato, caramelized onion, cumin and cilantro.

This is a big fave lately, and by puréeing the rice and beans together (and freezing them that way) it avoids the rubbery disk of rice that happens if it goes into the fridge straight up. 

Please follow your pediatrician's advice about feeding, allergies and ingredients--this is only for inspiration and is not medical advice.

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