Thursday, June 12, 2014

all the fabrics

So I recently discovered (or rediscovered it anyway) and if you're a fabric hoarder like myself, you're going to want to check it out. So. much. fabric. Seriously I think I have 60 designs in my cart right now. (I can't really buy that many right??) Anyway I've become somewhat obsessed with fabric design as a result, which makes sense as I'm an artist/ designer and fabric junky... not really sure why I never thought of it before. I set up a shop (added a link on the sidebar) and while nothing is for sale quite yet it will be shortly. (Shortly in mommy time seems to take longer than it used to fair warning) I also entered their "Cosmic Voyage" contest because I am a giant space nerd and to my delight made the semifinals. So if you are so inclined I would be honored if you voted for me! You have to scroll through all the designs, but you don't need to register or anything annoying like that. (My fabric is called Orion's Star Map) 

I also designed some bibs on cafe press- I haven't listed them for sale though because the terms seem to indicate that they take possession of the artwork- does anyone have any experience with them? And perhaps someday I'll actually start selling things in the etsy shop I opened years ago instead constantly buying things... sigh. 

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