Sunday, December 20, 2009

snow day

It snowed for the first time in long time- a real snow like when I was a kid. Right before Christmas too- I hope it sticks around. Like everyone else in Maryland I panic and run to the grocery store at the mere mention of snow so I was prepared with plenty of things to bake. (I spent most of the day making desserts that will be part of a future post) It was finally cold enough to freeze my ice candles- and they looked lovely in the snow. Plastic bag snowflakes get hung in my giant corkscrew willow tree every year after I receive my semi- threatening letter from the community association telling me that at a resident on the parade route it is my duty to decorate. I wanted some eco-friendly, weather proof and non-denominational enough that it wouldn't matter that I typically don't get around to taking them down until march. Xmas lights don't really work because the parade is during the day. So I have been making my snowflakes for a couple years and love the way they look from the road- especially in the snow. If you haven't already tried fusing plastic bags learn how. I usually use fabric bags, but I always manage to pick more plastic ones than I would like- this uses up my entire years stash. After all of my dessert baking I decided that a pot pie was the only logical thing to make while snowed in-- and luckily I had made some puff pastry the day before in preperation. I used the leftover roast chicken and cider/apple/mustard sauce that I had made a few nights ago and just thickened the sauce with a little cream and beurre manie. I added potatoes and veggies too. It was awesome. The roast chicken recipe is from my current favorite cook book: Roast Figs Sugar Snow. I was feeling cutesy and cut out little snowflakes for the top with my pastry scraps.

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