Monday, September 7, 2009

berkeley springs, wv

Went to Berkeley Springs for Denene's birthday this weekend. Did you know that it's the Bath of North America? It wasn't a bad drive from Bmore and we had a great time stuffing our faces and taking the waters. I especially enjoyed all of the faux George Washington history posted everywhere. That hole in the ground labeled "George Washington's Tub" yeah... that is a reproduction of what may or may not have been used at the time, although Berkeley Springs the town didn't exist yet when Georgie was there. He worked as a surveyor in that county... not necessarily in that area. Cracks me up. Anyway we had an amazing dinner at Panorama at the Peak- all locally farmed and tasty but without the little tiny big city portions. Great fried green tomatoes, and I'm a bit of a green tomato snob. We also had an awesome curried lamb shepards pie. The decor was bizzare (but funny bizarre) and included life size floral emus. Good times. That last picture is out birthday dessert and forties in bed. We were in WV after all.

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