Saturday, December 1, 2007

gifts- wine flight

Everyone has a wino friend (Denene...) and I saw this wine flight in a catalogue that I thought would be an awesome Christmas gift for her, but it was expensive and I had resolved to make as many of my gifts as possible this year. Shortly thereafter I came across this awesome orange barnwood (matches her kitchen) and decided to make my own.

barnwood wine fligh

  • scrap wood- long enough to hold three wine glasses
  • 3 wine glasses (I got mine at ikea)
  • holesaw an 1/8 bigger than the bottem of your glasses
  • wood chisel & hammer
  • 3 felt cut into circles the size as your hole saw

Measure out your hole equally spaced along the board. (Add more room on the ends if you prefer) Cut about half way down with the hole saw- I like to mark it to make things easier. Chisel out the center of the hole and smooth the bottem as much as possible. Place felt circles in the hole and top with wine glasses. I made one for red and one for white. I also plan to make a version for myself with tealights instead of glasses. Cute.

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