Sunday, February 4, 2007

chinese new year

I first made this drink for a chinese new party years ago and had a horrible mishap... somehow the pitcher of drinks had started leaking in the car on the way to DC unbeknownst to me, and then while I was walking down the sidewalk to my friend's house the bottom of the (paper) bag fell out and chinese new year spilled all over the pavement. The rats in Mt. Pleasant got tipsy that night. Which is probably good considering all of the fireworks we set off in the alley. Anyway it is made from ginger infused vodka, lychee juice and black tea infused simple syrup. The spiciness of the ginger and the bitterness of the tea prevent this from being an overly sweet drink. I garnished it here with crystallized ginger, but I have also used fresh lychees and cocktail picks that look like little firecrackers. Throw in some dumplings, A & J thousand layer pancakes and illegal firecrackers and you've got yourself a party.

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