Friday, February 15, 2008

rose scented champagne cocktail

It so happens that my birthday is on valentine's day and consequently, I have always loved making paper valentines and holiday inspired food. I am a sucker for heart shaped anything in february. I am also slightly obsessed with champagne cocktails- they just seem like the epitome of glamour. So I made this drink on my birthday with fancy rose champagne (I also feel compelled to drink things that are pink on valentines day) and some rose scented vodka that I have had kicking around for awhile. You could probably substitute rosewater if you didn't want to make the vodka... but why go to the trouble of hunting down rosewater when you can make your own?

rose scented champagne cocktail

* handmade
demerara sugar cube (recipe follows) demerara
* 1 tsp. rose scented vodka (recipe follows)
* dry rose champagne (I used veuve cliquot… it’s my birthday!)
* organic rose petals (to garnish)

Place a sugar cube in each champagne glass. Sprinkle with teaspoon of rose vodka and fill with champagne. Garnish with rose petals.

demerara sugar cubes

* 1 cup
demerara sugar
* 1 tsp. meringue powder
* 1 tsp. water

Mix sugar and meringue powder in a bowl. Add water and mix with you hands until sugar is evenly moist. (it should be the texture of wet sand) Shape into cubes and set on cardboard to air dry for about eight hours.

rose scented vodka
This is one of the first infused liquors I ever made.

* rose petals (from 2-4 roses- use whatever you have)
* 1 litre of vodka

Put the roses and vodka in a container. I use those throw away tupperware containers, but you will need to keep the vodka reasonably out of the light, so use something dark if that concerns you. Alternatively you can pour out some of the vodka from the bottle and put the roses directly in, but you will end up with much less vodka and it's hard to get stuff out once it goes in. Let sit out of direct sunlight for as long as you have patience-- at least a week or two ideally more. the longer it sits the stronger it gets.

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